Affordable Style

Floral Garden Sep n Send

Think you have to spend big bucks on wedding invitations? Think again! Here at The Fancy Envelope we will help you work with your budget and find the perfect wedding invitation for you, that you will love! We offer a huge variety of wedding invitations and price ranges. We can give you ideas and help you find ways to stick with your budget with out sacrificing quality.

Floral Garden Sep n Send is a beautiful wedding invitation option for brides on a budget. This invitation included as reception card, an rsvp card, and envelopes all for under $250 for #100. The invitation comes custom printed, and mailed to you as shown above. The invitation is micro perforated so you will need to separate the pieces, put them in an envelope and mail them out. This invitation even includes a printed rsvp envelope! Everything you need!!! We will proof your wedding invitation and help you with your wording questions. Very elegant, very affordable! We have many styles to choose from.


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