The Laser Cut Trend

Intricate Greenery Invitation

Laser Cut Wedding Invitations, pockets, belly bands etc… have been popular for the last few years. Do I think this trend is going out of style anytime soon- No! Laser cut stationery is intricate and romantic. When Laser Cut invitations first came out, there were very few in our albums- and they were mostly trees and branches. now you can find a variety of beautiful laser cut designs. When done well, laser cuts can compliment a wedding invitation and not be a distraction. Laser Cut Belly Bands, are a beautiful way to add a romantic touch to your wedding invitation. The wedding invitation shown above, “Classic Greenery” has beautiful intricate greenery that compliments this classic wedding invitation. This wedding invitation starts at $270 for #100 including the envelope!

For those Colorado Brides out there, this laser cut greenery looks a lot like an Aspen Leaf ! Contact me if you are interested in this wedding invitation or would like a free sample.


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