The Wedding Rollercoaster- COVID 19

My son was just complaining about what a year 2020 is turning out to be, one of his favorite basketball players Kobe Bryant passed away, killer hornets in the USA , Covid-19, homeschool, and social distancing. Oh boy! My best friends daughter is getting married this summer, and they are riding the wedding rollercoaster! They had invitations all picked out (custom design by me- of course!) and the order was in for proofs and then- the Pandemic. I put the order on hold, and watched and waited as my business slowed to a halt. Brides are not sure what to do, not one is sure what to do!!! My friend’s daughter has shrunk her guest list, and is still trying to move forward with her plans. Many brides are scrambling to reschedule, or postpone until the restrictions are eased, some have already printed their invitations for this summer- what do you do?


  1. You can reprint your invitation once you have a set date, I have seen a few companies that will reprint your invitations at a discount. I hope more companies will follow this trend.
  2. Send out a Change of Plan Card, to inform your guests of new plans.
  3. Send out this beautiful Floral Seal n Send invitation in the picture above! If you have already sent out invitations, and have to send them out again, these are a bargain only $175 for #100 and it includes everything you need, an invitation, removable rsvp postcard all printed and ready to go. There are many styles available. The only downside is there is no envelope, it folds up to form its own envelope. They are very neat, tidy and affordable!


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