COVID WEDDING – The Real Deal!

Two weeks ago I attended a wedding, yes you are reading this right AN ACTUAL WEDDING- PARTY-CELEBRATION!!! Honestly I think it was the first time for all of us! Here is how is happened……

Invitations were designed ( by me of course, and they were beautiful) but then later cancelled during the COVID19 lockdown. They ended up using their Save The Dates, and sending out messages via Social Media and text to let people know of the changes.

Throwing caution in the wind, the decision was made- keep the original date of the wedding and hope for the best. The wedding was planned to take place in the garden of a historic house in town. The regulations for the number of people permitted for large gatherings were constantly being updated.

November- Original Plan- Have the wedding ceremony and reception in the garden at the historic house.

March- Plan#2 – Postpone the Wedding (due to the COVID 19 Pandemic)

April- Plan#3 Get married now, reception later

June10- Plan #4 Have a wedding ceremony in the garden of the historic house, and a small celebration in the brides backyard (scaled down guest list)

June 11- Plan #5 Original Plans (with scaled down guest list)

Yes, much to everyones surprise permission from the city was given for the ceremony and reception to be held in the garden of the historic home. And what a party it was!

Rustic Evening Save The Date only $114 for 100


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