10 Ways to elevate your special occasion

I have written quite a few blogs and I find myself always using the wording “add that special touch”. It is really the little things that make occasions special. A few years ago I was asked to create a custom napkin for a bridal shower. The napkin had a recipe on it for a signature cocktail. It was so cute, and the hit of the party- and I bet ladies were grabbing extra napkins as souveniers. Here are some ideas to elevate your special occasion

  1. Custom Napkins– Everyone will need a napkin eventually, and when they are personalized, it adds that special touch and is very inexpensive.
  2. Wax Seals- Adding a wax seal to just about anything makes it special. You know time was taken to add the seal, and time taken is time caring. You can add wax seals to programs, menu’s, table numbers, invitations ets……
  3. Custom Table Numbers- I love it when brides use something meaningful to them for their table numbers ie: their favorite places, favorite restaurants, songs etc…
  4. Signature Drinks! I don’t drink alcohol so I didn’t realize that specialty drinks even existed until a few years ago. Since then, when I host a party I always try to have a signature mocktail. I recently threw a bridal shower and I had two specialty drinks “the lucky guy” & “the future Mrs. Jones”. It was a huge hit!!!
  5. Ditch the paper plates- If you want to elevate your event use real silverware, plates, cups etc. It is more formal and will make your event more memorable. At a recent back yard baby shower, we used real plates and silverware. It is more work for the host, but it definitely elevates your event, making it seem more formal.
  6. GREEN – Hit up the grocery store floral section for greenery. You can buy them separate from flowers and they are very inexpensive. Add the greens to your dessert table, drink table, gift table, use them to decorate inside your home. Green is the new black when it comes to events.
  7. Activity for the kids- Custom coloring pages, Outdoor games, craft station. If you are inviting families provide some fun for the kids. If the kids are happy, the parents are happy! Here are some ideas: face-painting, decorating cookies, ornament painting, badminton, coloring pages the list goes on……..Get creative!
  8. Take pictures during the event and send them with the thank you.
  9. Choose a theme! I just attended a bridal shower themed “Love is the greatest adventure”. The decorations were beautiful vintage maps, the silverware was wrapped in travel brochures from places the bride-to-be had traveled, the bride-to-be had traveled to South America so they used cloth she had brought home as tablecloths. It is really the little touches!
  10. Have Fun! Use what you have, be creative and enjoy the time you get to spend celebrating!
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