10 Ways to elevate your special occasion

I have written quite a few blogs and I find myself always using the wording “add that special touch”. It is really the little things that make occasions special. A few years ago I was asked to create a custom napkin for a bridal shower. The napkin had a recipe on it for a signature cocktail. It was so cute, and the hit of the party- and I bet ladies were grabbing extra napkins as souveniers. Here are some ideas to elevate your special occasion

  1. Custom Napkins– Everyone will need a napkin eventually, and when they are personalized, it adds that special touch and is very inexpensive.
  2. Wax Seals- Adding a wax seal to just about anything makes it special. You know time was taken to add the seal, and time taken is time caring. You can add wax seals to programs, menu’s, table numbers, invitations ets……
  3. Custom Table Numbers- I love it when brides use something meaningful to them for their table numbers ie: their favorite places, favorite restaurants, songs etc…
  4. Signature Drinks! I don’t drink alcohol so I didn’t realize that specialty drinks even existed until a few years ago. Since then, when I host a party I always try to have a signature mocktail. I recently threw a bridal shower and I had two specialty drinks “the lucky guy” & “the future Mrs. Jones”. It was a huge hit!!!
  5. Ditch the paper plates- If you want to elevate your event use real silverware, plates, cups etc. It is more formal and will make your event more memorable. At a recent back yard baby shower, we used real plates and silverware. It is more work for the host, but it definitely elevates your event, making it seem more formal.
  6. GREEN – Hit up the grocery store floral section for greenery. You can buy them separate from flowers and they are very inexpensive. Add the greens to your dessert table, drink table, gift table, use them to decorate inside your home. Green is the new black when it comes to events.
  7. Activity for the kids- Custom coloring pages, Outdoor games, craft station. If you are inviting families provide some fun for the kids. If the kids are happy, the parents are happy! Here are some ideas: face-painting, decorating cookies, ornament painting, badminton, coloring pages the list goes on……..Get creative!
  8. Take pictures during the event and send them with the thank you.
  9. Choose a theme! I just attended a bridal shower themed “Love is the greatest adventure”. The decorations were beautiful vintage maps, the silverware was wrapped in travel brochures from places the bride-to-be had traveled, the bride-to-be had traveled to South America so they used cloth she had brought home as tablecloths. It is really the little touches!
  10. Have Fun! Use what you have, be creative and enjoy the time you get to spend celebrating!

On Trend….

Rustic Dreamshttps://thefancyenvelope.carlsoncraft.com/Wedding-Ensembles/Invitation-Suites/3254-TWS58288-Rustic-Dreams–Invitation.pro

This invitation caught my eye, not only is it under $200 for #100 of them, but it is really pretty! The gold geometric shape and the greenery compliment each other, and the faded white background adds that rustic touch. It is very trendy now to have the gold geometric boxes, they act as a frame for your wording. Pretty!

Rustic Dreams Invitation


Graduation 2020 Is it really happening?

Modern Graduation Announcementhttps://thefancyenvelope.carlsoncraft.com/Graduation/Photo-Announcements/3254-TWS60307-Simple-Grad–Graduation-Invitation.pro

Is this really happening? Virtual Prom, Virtual Graduation, maybe a late summer commencement ceremony……. Usually this time of year my mailbox is bursting with graduation cards from friends and family near and far. I have not received one yet, ( which is a bummer because being a stationery lover, I enjoy seeing which graduation invite they choose.)

I looked through my collection of invites and I really like this one, it is modern, fresh and simple, kinda how we would like life to be right now!

Simply Modern Graduation Invitation starting at $125 for #75, double sided digitally printed.


Not Your Grandmothers Lace

Lacy Wedding Invitationshttps://thefancyenvelope.carlsoncraft.com/Classic-Wedding/Invitation-Suites/3891-CL58995-Lacy-Emphasis-Invitation.pro

I have seen a lot of lace wedding invitations, lace wraps, lace patterns etc….. This invitation takes a twist on lace, and creates a modern lace, classic wedding invitation. The lace pattern is modern, yet feminine, romantic and is now one of my favorites.

Printed in thermography, available in white or ecru. Starting at $254 for #100 including envelope

Contact me for a free sample- Lacy Wedding Invitations


The Laser Cut Trend

Intricate Greenery Invitationhttps://thefancyenvelope.carlsoncraft.com/Classic-Wedding/Invitation-Suites/3891-CL58981-Intricate-Greenery-Invitation.pro

Laser Cut Wedding Invitations, pockets, belly bands etc… have been popular for the last few years. Do I think this trend is going out of style anytime soon- No! Laser cut stationery is intricate and romantic. When Laser Cut invitations first came out, there were very few in our albums- and they were mostly trees and branches. now you can find a variety of beautiful laser cut designs. When done well, laser cuts can compliment a wedding invitation and not be a distraction. Laser Cut Belly Bands, are a beautiful way to add a romantic touch to your wedding invitation. The wedding invitation shown above, “Classic Greenery” has beautiful intricate greenery that compliments this classic wedding invitation. This wedding invitation starts at $270 for #100 including the envelope!

For those Colorado Brides out there, this laser cut greenery looks a lot like an Aspen Leaf ! Contact me if you are interested in this wedding invitation or would like a free sample.


It almost feels as if Covid 19 has come and gone. I no longer carry a mask around in my purse or car, and I have enjoyed seeing faces again. I have noticed that wording has changed on the wedding invitations I have been working on.

  1. Vaccination Requirements- I just finished a wedding invitation that specifically asked all guests to be fully vaccinated.
  2. Location Requirements- I have also come across venue’s that require masks, this requirement should be clear on the invitation for guests, so there is no misunderstanding. An insert card would be the appropriate place to add this detail. (If the mask requirements change between the time you send your invitation and your event, you can update the information on your wedding website, and if you feel like that isn’t enough, get your Maid of Honor and Best Man to start spreading the word.)
  3. Destination Weddings- Many of the tropical destinations we love for weddings require proof of vaccination, and if you are traveling out of the country, require a negative covid test to re-enter the USA.

All of these requirements should be stated clearly in your wedding invitation. This information is not appropriate to put on the main invitation, but an insert card included with your wedding invitation, gives your guests information so there are no surprises and you have happy guests!

Tip: If you are requiring your guests to be vaccinated to attend your wedding or you are planning a destination wedding give your guests plenty of time to meet the requirements to attend your wedding. If you are having a destination wedding, you should have sent a Save The Date, 8-10 months before your wedding and send your wedding invitation 6-8 weeks prior to the wedding date.

For Covid requirements, send your wedding invitation at least 3 months prior to your wedding date so your guest have the opportunity to meet your requirements

Beauty on a Budget

Floral Beauty

This floral beauty caught my eye! I love the creamy blush and the watercolor flowers to balance the pink. This wedding invitation comes from a line of invitations called Seal & Send’s. They are affordable ie:#100 for $172, and include the basics- the invitation and the RSVP ( rsvp postcard is detachable). It also comes with a printed return address on the back. The invitation, and RSVP fold up in to an invitation that you drop in the mail with no need for an envelope. With so much uncertainty everywhere- you can be sure this is a great bargain!!!

COVID WEDDING – The Real Deal!

Two weeks ago I attended a wedding, yes you are reading this right AN ACTUAL WEDDING- PARTY-CELEBRATION!!! Honestly I think it was the first time for all of us! Here is how is happened……

Invitations were designed ( by me of course, and they were beautiful) but then later cancelled during the COVID19 lockdown. They ended up using their Save The Dates, and sending out messages via Social Media and text to let people know of the changes.

Throwing caution in the wind, the decision was made- keep the original date of the wedding and hope for the best. The wedding was planned to take place in the garden of a historic house in town. The regulations for the number of people permitted for large gatherings were constantly being updated.

November- Original Plan- Have the wedding ceremony and reception in the garden at the historic house.

March- Plan#2 – Postpone the Wedding (due to the COVID 19 Pandemic)

April- Plan#3 Get married now, reception later

June10- Plan #4 Have a wedding ceremony in the garden of the historic house, and a small celebration in the brides backyard (scaled down guest list)

June 11- Plan #5 Original Plans (with scaled down guest list)

Yes, much to everyones surprise permission from the city was given for the ceremony and reception to be held in the garden of the historic home. And what a party it was!

Rustic Evening Save The Date only $114 for 100